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Abbelone is an unreleased character and PB's mother in Pineapple Soda.


Gender Female
Ethnicity Danish
Residence Cardston, Alberta

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Abbelone is PB’s mother in Pineapple Soda. She used to run their family bakery but is now bedridden and must be taken care of by her son. She is also Percy’s grandmother in the series Smile!, although she and Percy have never met due to her age and his distance from her side of the family.


Abbelone is an elderly wheelchair bound woman with reading glasses and a pastel floral pattern blouse on over a long, pleated beige pencil skirt. She wears a pair of moccasins with little rose-styled bows above the toe, and wears white ankle socks. Her hair is in a beehive hairdo in an off-white, graying blonde.


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Percy Cyane
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  • Percy is extremely affectionate with his other grandmother but has never mentioned or acknowledged the existence of Abbelone, perhaps for having never met her.


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