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Blair is one of Cyane's colleagues and a character in Smile.


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Blair Sorrentino, or just Blair appears in Sagas of Smile! as one of Cyane's best friends. They were childhood friends, but she moved to London a few years before Cyane, which is part of what motivates him to make London his first stop after leaving California. Cyane first stays with her until he is able to become independent in London.


Blair is very short, only around 5'1", and her style is a combination of new-age grunge and modern 'party girl' fashion. She has big hazel eyes and fluffy, curly undercut and sidecut styled hair.


Blair is very much a party girl, and takes pride in the fact that she can 'drink everyone under the table.' She often concerns her friends a bit with how often she is at nightclubs, and she frequents the bar that Cyane and Mel work at. She loves hosting, helping to plan, and throwing parties as well, especially for the holidays. She is very caring of her friends, though, and even when she is at parties she's usually fairly quick to respond to texts from them, and will leave if they need her. She often has quite the silly, outgoing, and fun personality.


  • Blair, along with Mel and a few other characters in Smile! are often lovingly referred to as “TeamCy” by creators.


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