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Mug-mug, Mudgins, Hugo, Skittles, Nettles, or Boggins, is Percy's cat in the series Smile.
Example of the cat

Sex Male
Species Domestic cat
Breed Minuet or Munchkin

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A small kitten who has short legs indicative of the Minuet or Munchkin breed, attributed to the type of feline dwarfism that accompanies the breeds. He has a short Persian or Minuet-like snout and cocked eyes that bulge slightly. He also constantly wears a look of disdain or horror, accentuated by the two eyebrow-like markings above its eyes, and has a tail that is always on end and is said to look like "a Christmas tree." Additionally, he is also usually portrayed with a little tuft atop his head and a squatty, sprawled-legged stance.



  • This cat's name is different every time Percy or other characters address him.
This is the only instance of a character without any clear name within the series.


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