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*Birds refer to all characters with bird-related nicknames in the series Pineapple Soda and its spin-offs. It is a common theme for these characters to behave cruel, as petty criminals or as school bullies, while characters with food-related nicknames tend to behave neutrally or as goodguys. This can be used to determine a character's place in the story prior to their appearance but they can be deceptive. There are also gemstone names given to mobster characters in the Canadian section of the Syndicate, but these are more along the lines of code names. Additionally, these names are replaced with descriptor names in the London section of the Syndicate and thereby indicating that they are a different phenomenon altogether.

Character list[]

By the means acquired
Circumstance Real name Bird name
Unknown Ian and Lan Hayes Dodo bird
Unknown Devanie Hayes Robin
Taken Aviano deGaetano Raven
Taken Markus Pierce Hawk
Given Roberto Lesley Loon
Given Anthony Douglas Goldfinch
Given Ernesto Mamaril Turkey vulture
Given Loretta Pierce Swan
Given Mabasa Mamaril Philippine eagle
Given Emanuele deGaetano Lammergeier
This list will grow in number as more bird related names become apparent. Given nicknames are names they may not go by, but are called so by others.


  • Not all characters who have bird names appear to be mean, unfriendly, or even bad people. It is however a very common theme among characters with bird-related names.
  • Bird-named characters comprise the smallest sub list of themed nicknames to date.
  • Most characters will answer to their bird-related nicknames, and they are usually referred to as their nicknames. However, most characters are usually referred to by other names within the series. EX: Hawk is usually called "Markus" or "Pierce" in spite of his insistence on the name Lime.
  • While all characters have some resemblance to their nicknames(Pumpkin is bitter, Sugar is sweet), none are more-so accurate than bird characters to their respective names. EG: Raven is highly intelligent, associated with morbidity and is a goth character, he coordinates schemes and even wears black. These resemblances to the birds of their namesake are common themes among all the bird-named characters.

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