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*Mobsters refer to all characters involved in any section of the Syndicate mafia as they appear in the series Pineapple Soda and its spin-offs. These characters belong to different sects of the same crime organization and range from prostitutes and hitmen and quantum physicists. This can be used to determine a character's place in the story prior to their appearance but they can be deceptive. There are also food and bird-related names given to characters within the series, but these are nicknames given to each other by school children and to their bullies; they do not belong to the mafia.
Note: Characters with personality descriptive code names belong to the UK section of the Syndicate and those with gemstone code names belong to the Canadian section.

Character list[]

By the means acquired
Circumstance Real name Code name
Taken Leila Smith Citrine
Taken Lauta deVa Moonstone
Taken Ernesto Mamaril Garnet
Taken Aviano deGaetano Obsidian
Taken Markus Pierce Quartz
Taken Loretta Pierce Pearls
Taken Mabasa Mamaril Pyrite
Taken Emanuele deGaetano Soot
Given Dante Pierce Amethyst
Given Rezar Pierce Peridot
Given Alanzo Moreno Carnelian
Given Acilia deVa Diamond
Given Claudia Stein Heartless
Given Percival Farlow Brazen
Given Cyane Silva Lawless
Given Jackelyn Rae Pesky
Given Jirgeif Day Big dog
This list will grow in number as more mobster code names become apparent. Given nicknames are names they may not go by, but are called so by others.


  • Not all characters who belong to the mafia appear to be bad people, or even criminals. It is however a very common theme among them.
  • Most characters will not answer to their mafia-related nicknames unless in private and being addressed by mobsters they know and trust. The point of their code name is that no one knows they belong to it. Characters within the series rarely refer to them by their code names unless during some sort of top-secret mission. EX: Pearls is usually called "Loretta" or "Mrs. Pierce" by those in the series in spite of belonging to the Syndicate.
This goes in the reverse if in the presence of Syndicate superiors and members of the Syndicate she doesn't yet trust. She would hide the name Loretta from them and go only by Pearls.

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