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*Sagas are alternate timelines, storylines, dimensions, or endings of the same story. For Pineapple Soda, almost all Sagas take place in the year 1996 and only begin to diverge starting New Years, January 1st. What happens after that date is the subject of that Saga. Things go slightly different in Smile, but the concept is the same. The year is usually 2017 or late 2016, diverging typically around September, 2016.

List of Sagas of Pineapple Soda[]

By alphabetical order
Availability Name of Saga
Unreleased Déjà vu‏‎
Unreleased Lord of the Birds
Unreleased Gold Foil
Unreleased Holofoil
Limited Pumpkin Pie
Released Snowcone
Unreleased The Hallows
Limited The Ritz
Unreleased Thineapple
Unreleased Tin Foil
Unreleased Yorkshire pudding

List of Sagas of Smile[]

By page functionality
Availability Name of Saga
Released Main series
Released Triple Bad
Released Yuputka


  • It is important to note that in Pineapple Soda, the entire comic is comprised solely of alternate storylines. There is no main series of Pineapple Soda, merely aus or alternate endings of the missing story.
    • There appears to be a singular main series or timeline in Smile, that Sagas then branch off from.
    • The storyline in the main series of Smile also notably goes in a less linear direction than the other, smaller Sagas that each series is comprised of.
  • Sagas are not released in order, all at once, or following any kind of schedule. Sometimes sequels are released prior to prequels, sometimes scenes cut to give way to a totally different section of an entirely different story. It appears to be random.
  • Every single Saga to date, in Smile and PS both, have been illustrated in a different art style.
  • The most common time stamp to occur in any Saga is February 14th, 1996. This is a reference to the fact Pineapple Soda was first announced as a comic on Valentine's Day.

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