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Diamond is a mobster, the wife of Soot and the mother of Raven in Pineapple Soda.


Gender Female
Ethnicity French
Relatives [1] [2] [3]

Syndicate mobster

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Acilia Deva, or Diamond, is a mobster in the Syndicate, the wife of Soot, and the mother of Raven and Sugar in the series Pineapple Soda. According to Raven and Soot's character sheet, Diamond mysteriously went missing about eleven years prior to the start of the series. While it is said that she went missing during a Syndicate raid of some kind, her whereabouts and the precise circumstance of her disappearance are not yet known.


Diamond appears to look very much like her son but with piercing blue eyes and long silky brown hair. She shares many of her facial features and even her straight cut bangs with her son. She is a very waifish woman with low hanging diamond earrings, likely the inspiration behind her name. The most striking of her features is her vibrant white, red and black 'ace of spades' themed eye shadow and liner and can commonly be seen wearing a similarly colored sunhat with a wide brim. Typically, she can be seen wearing a slim glittering black dress with a high slit along the side and a pair of long black gloves in tribute to the Audrey Hepburn style. Her boots are also black, clog-heeled and above-knee.


She appears to be very cool and collected at all times.


Soot Diamond
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Sugar Bracket12
  • Pearls is her partner in crime and best friend.


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