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Dimpsey is a priest and head of the task force in Smile!.


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Ellison Dimpsey, sometimes known as Father Dimpsey, is a priest and head of the London task force, playing a major supporting role in the series Smile!


Dimpsey is an elder male dressed in priestly clerical robes and wearing a pair of reading glasses. He has gray-white hair and a very mild male pattern baldness. He is usually carrying rosary beads or wearing a priest's collar. In his other attire, he is dressed as a high ranking British police officer with a white button-up and a black tie with black slacks and oxford shoes. He sometimes wears a black blazer and a police hat and is sometimes ceremonially adorned with his many badges and honours.


Dimpsey appears to be a very generous and kind man, but also judging and doting dad figure to most, but especially to Cyane. He treats people fairly except for the cruelest of the cruel, and hopes to take down the members of the syndicate responsible for human trafficking and other forms of abuse.


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