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Donnovan Adayel is a trainee of the London Police Academy in Smile.

Gender Male
Ethnicity French, African
Residence South Bank, London

officer in training,
private chauffeur,
task force rookie

Character #133 global – #140 official listing


Donnovan is a fairly young male with jovial features and a buzz cut fade hairstyle in a deep purple colour. He has a quirky thin frame and is usually seen wearing oversized London police attire, with or without the vest and utility belt. Usually this consists of a checkerboard patterned band around a police hat and black patches on the shoulders of a white button-up. This goes with a matching black formal tie and a pair of slacks overtop black oxford shoes. His eye colour is black and his face is covered in freckles.


Donnovan is kind, chivalrous, campy and chipper. However, he appears to suffer from constant mood swings ranging from pure excitement and enthusiasm down into crippling depression and self-doubt. He is nervous and often worries about disappointing his superiors.


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