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Fluffles or Spike is Hawk and Pearls's pet snake in the series Pineapple Soda.

Sex Male
Species Boa constrictor
Breed Moonglow boa

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Fluffles or Spike is Hawk and Pearls' pet snake in the series Pineapple Soda. Fluffles is a boa constrictor. He is owned by the Pierce's and can be found draped over the arms of the misses or over the shoulders of her son, Hawk.


Fluffles is a massive boa constrictor in the later years of his captive life span. His scales are white with lavender stripes and markings, with lavender coloured eyes. His colours are the result of the anery gene mutation found in similarly coloured snakes. It is also important to note that despite being referred to as a snow boa, Fluffles exhibits characteristics of a moonglow boa as it does not have the yellow tint to its scales that actual snow boas are known for. Moonglow boa better fits the examples of Fluffles given in artwork to date. Fluffles also has a purple tongue.


  • Pearls is one of his owners.
  • Hawk is one of his owners.


  • Fluffles' name appears to be in good humour given the snake has no fur and would not be considered conventionally 'fluffy.' Another possible explanation for the name is that the snake may be on the heftier side and the name may reference the snake merely being heavier than boas of lesser size.
  • Hawk refuses to call Fluffles by his name and insists on calling him Spike.[1]
  • Fluffles, alongside Midge, was one of the first animal characters to be revealed for Pineapple Soda.


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