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Jack is Lime's son in the series Pineapple Soda.

Gender Male
Residence Miami, Florida

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Jack is a young adult with a faux-hawk hairstyle that ends in straight cut bangs. He has shaped eyebrows and a goatee. His hair is brown, and his eyes are an even deeper brown. He is an AK amputee, missing his left leg from just above the knee and has significant scarring on his body. He wears the words "hivemind" tattooed across his throat and has two black earrings. In his early concept art, he appears to be wearing a loose button-up shirt.


His personality seems at first glance to be that of the punkish 'cool guy' stereotype but he is said to be a nerd.



  • He was the first official amputee character to be introduced to Pineapple Soda, though there have since been many iterations of the theme with the introduction of Smile!; a spin-off series in which amputation is used as a method of control by the Syndicate.
  • Jack shares the same name with Cheddarjack (shortened to Jack), one of his father's childhood pets.


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