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Lemon is a character in Pineapple Soda.


Residence Cardston, Alberta
Relatives [1]

High school student,
Syndicate prostitute

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Leila Elizabeth Smith, Leila, Lemmy, or Lemon is an ordinary teen girl who attends Avestan High. She is currently dating the character Lime, whom she has a somewhat shaky relationship with. Her best friend is Sugar and they can frequently be seen hanging out together in public. [1][2]


Lemon is a teen girl with long curly blond hair usually pulled into a messy medium height ponytail, fringed with straight cut bangs that conceal both ears. She is usually seen wearing a turtleneck sweater, sometimes with open shoulders and paired with a teardrop necklace. She wears two bright green dangling earrings that cascade into smaller dangling beads just below. Her eyes are portrayed as yellow-green and are accompanied with a winged black liner. Though earlier artwork showed her in clear open-toe platform heels and a pleated beige skirt, she has more recently appeared in a black romper with a large mid-waisted belt and closed-toe mid-calf stiletto boots.


When contacted on the tumblr or discord, she appears to be very bubbly, air-headed and talks in a valley-girl accent. Often phrasing everything as a question and getting irritated over things she doesn't understand.



  • Lemon's character design seems to be based on a 50's roller skate waitress. It is unknown if this was intentional or not.
  • It became possible to contact Lemon on Monday, June 30th on the tumblr ask blog. Though the blog became defunct in 2016, she can still be contacted through the official discord by directing a question at her name or a lemon emoji.


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