This page is about the numerous short-chapters introducing the characters

Meet Pumpkin
Meet Pumpkin
Status Unknown
Number #00
Page Count 49

Meet The Character shorts mimic short sagas where all of the main characters are introduced. In the comic, it was produced prior to the Preview.

Plot & Synopsis

Before the comic itself begins, several characters are introduced in separate 4-5 page shorts:

  1. Raven (who rants about American cinema before demanding to play Foosball)
  2. Hawk (who points a baseball bat at Raven for insulting his mother, Pearls.)
  3. Turk (who finds a recording camera as though unsure of what it is, then shushes the camera, when Pyrite overhears his talking, telling the camera 'goodnight')
  4. Pyrite (who has blood on his hands while Pearls and Soot look on with stunned expressions. Pyrite then calls the three the "worst criminals in history.")
  5. Pearls (Hawk walks into their home. She kisses Hawk hello, and blames a red smear across her cheek on her pet mussing her make-up. Out of earshot, she remarks on their mafioso lifestyle and about the true nature of the blood smear.)
  6. Soot (who is describing something adulterous.. Numerous unnamed characters as well as Amethyst and Peridot can be seen in the background of a cassino or speak-easy.)
  7. Lime (who is introducing himself to a camera while showing off his piercings and tattoos. Pumpkin, Raven, Hawk, and Peanut Butter are fighting in the background.)
  8. Pumpkin (who multi-tasks while refusing to talk about himself at all.)
  9. PB's intro shows him waking up with what appears to be a blood bag IV drip. He is then shown injecting himself with an unknown substance, and it is shown that he has done this at least eight times.

  • Peanut Butter does not have an intro comic because he was part of the final installment of characters and was announced after the final intro comic. He's said to be receiving one starting sometime in summer of 2014.