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Mel is Cyane's coworker at a pub in London, Missy's brother, and a character in Smile.


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Melvyl leBlanc, or just Mel appears in many Sagas of Smile! as one of Cyane's best friends. They met after Cyane moved to London and as coworkers in a South Bank Pub. Mel and his sister are orphans who aged out of the system and have often felt cheated or robbed of having a family. Mel likes to consider everyone to be his family and calls all his friends either ‘lil bro’ or ‘lil sis.’ Though dependent on one another, Mel and his actual sister frequently get into spats and squabbles as they have very different world views.
Mel is a video game addict and spends ridiculous amounts of time online, often to the point of neglecting or in complete disregard of his other priorities. Despite this, he is otherwise doing well on his feet and manages to work hard and honestly.


Mel is a tall male with an awkward stance, bad posture and long shaggy brown hair in pinned back dreadlocks. He’s usually dressed in casual clothing or pajama clothes when not at work, and typical kitchen workers attire with a striped apron when working.


Mel could be described as a laid-back stoner kind of guy.


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  • Mel, along with Blair and a few other characters in Smile! are often lovingly referred to as #TeamCy by creators and fans of the series.
  • Mel can be reached through the ask-the-characters official discord by mentioning his name or by sending a question addressed to the video game controller emoji.


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