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Nana, Nanna or just Nan is an unreleased character and Percy's grandmother in Smile.


Gender Female
Ethnicity T’boli, Filipino
Residence Zamboanga, Mindano

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Percy's Nana wears a pink knit sweater with puff-balls lining the chest, and a floral pattern skirt. She walks using a walker and wears pink flats with matching puff-balls on the toe. She's usually seen wearing a pastel blue jacket with a plush white trim. Her hair is white and is short tufty curls, her eyes are brown, and she wears a pair of coke bottle glasses.


She appears to be a very kind and superstitious old lady with very spiritual and unconventional beliefs about how the universe works.



  • Because Nana is Percy's grandmother on his mother's side, Nana is not blood-related to PB.


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