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Patrick Blue Douglas, Patrick, or just Patch is Pumpkin's son in the series Pineapple Soda.


Gender Male
Ethnicity Sámi
Residence Edmonton, Alberta

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Patch is a teen boy who appears to look exactly like his father. The only apparent differences are a more jovial expression, a cowlick atop his head, and he does not appear to have rosacea. He's usually seen wearing khaki shorts, a blue and white striped shirt and striped blue gym socks with dark gray gym shoes. He's usually carrying a laptop bag around on his shoulder. He shares almost all his physical features including hair and eye colour with his father.


Patch is very energetic, happy-go-lucky, dorky and awkward with an innocent sense of humour and a slightly schmoozer-type personality similar to Lime's.



  • Pumpkin and Patch's names fit together to form pumpkin patch. This name-pairing ability is shared with only one other known set of characters: dodo, who share the name dodo bird but are referred to “dó” and “dó,” respectively.


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