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Pesky or Jackelyn is a mobster and tattoo artist in Smile, a spin-off of Pineapple Soda.

Gender Female
Residence Mirror world

Syndicate mobster,
syndicate prostitute
tattoo artist, piercer

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Pesky appears to be a sort of sneaky, catty and sly kind of character who is very vocal and opinionated. Her name may be in relation to how others feel about her, and implies she can be intrusive. It could also be in reference to her amputations, which are indicative of untrusted Syndicate members and may imply she has been unfaithful to the mob.


Pesky is a short, young woman. She may stand at a different height depending on the type of prosthetic she is using but usually evens out to about five foot when they are proportionate. She is a double BK amputee, missing both of her legs at just below the knee and wears springy prosthetic with a ball-in-socket joint. Her face is covered in small star shaped tattoos resembling freckles and her ears has been pierced and modified to resemble elf ears, which wear pointed cusps and other elf-ear piercings. Her hair is white and pulled into a messy white bob cut with a half ponytail drawn in the back, and she has a Gaelic tattoo written across her thigh of an unknown meaning. Her eyes are coal black.


  • Heartless is her partner in crime, and a fellow Syndicate member.


  • Pesky lost her legs the same way Percy lost his arm, as a means of paying back debt to the Syndicate.
  • Pesky can be reached through the ask-the-characters official discord by mentioning her name or by sending a question addressed to a mouse emoji.


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