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Pineapple Soda is a series by Zach Doug (also known by monikers ZachsAnomaly and Zach Gold) and Erin Foraker(known by her moniker Wonnykins). The series is listed as being an action, dramedy, quantum fiction, slice of life, adventure, romance, splatterpunk horror. Though it is sometimes cited by official sources to be explicitly a "fetish series."


"A series following a Canadian teen, his school bullies, and their mobster parents on a quantum adventure escaping space, time and quite often logic." - Multi-platformal slogan

"Anthony Douglas and his best friend Robby narrowly evade death at the hands of their school bullies de'Gaetano, Pierce and Mamaril-- whose parents are part of a Canadian mafia based around the trafficking of illegal substances through interdimensional travel. Follow this comedy drama in a memorable and mind-boggling science fiction experience that escapes all time, dimension, and quite often, logic. The story takes place in 1996 approximately 10 alternate times. Each alternate version of the same year is called a Saga and each Saga can interact with one another, working together to ultimately form one story line." - Official facebook


  • The webcomic was released in 2010, February 15th marking this date the anniversary of Pineapple Soda's entire franchise.
  • An animated series was announced by Zach January 1st, 2014.