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Dante is a paramedic and first responder on the fire board of Cardston in Pineapple Soda.


Residence Cardston, Alberta
Relatives [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

Syndicate mobster,
emergency responder,
paramedic, firefighter

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Alphonzo "Rezar" Pierce, Alphie, Razzy, or Peridot, is a paramedic and first responder on the fire board of Cardston in Pineapple Soda.[1][2]


Dante and Rezar are a set of adult identical twins with tow blond, angular fringe hairstyles. Like other twins in the series, their hair tends to spiral in different directions. Dante's counterclockwise, and Rezar's clockwise. Both share their most notable physical feature, a pair of outlandishly long and pale blond eyelashes. Dante is usually seen wearing a mesh undershirt and a sleeveless, hooded black leather jacket. He wears a pair of gray fitted jeans with black steel toe leather work boots. He's also known for wearing a silver earring in his left ear and a silver Rolex on his left wrist. His and his brother's eyes are deep blue.


Rezar is the more up-tight, well behaved, and reserved of he and his brother's duo. His twin brother Dante is a party animal and more rambunctious. Because of their opposite personalities, they have had many disputes. However, they've somehow managed to remain one another's closest allies. Alternate names are Peridot, Alphonz and Alpha twin one.


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  • Rezar's attraction to postmenopausal women is frequently mentioned on the blogs and in the comic.
  • Rezar is part of only two known sets of identical twins in Pineapple Soda, the other being Dodo.
  • Rezar and his twin brother appear to be mirror-image twins as their hair is portrayed as growing in opposite directions. Rezar's growing in a clockwise spiral and his brother's in a counterclockwise spiral.


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