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Robin is a character in Pineapple Soda.


Ethnicity Scottish, Welsh
Residence Cardston, Alberta
Relatives [1] [2] [3] [4]

High school student,
musician and singer

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Devanie Monique Hayes, Devvie, Dev, or Robin is an ordinary teen girl who attends Avestan High. She is a part of triplets containing the identical twins nicknamed after the dodo bird. She and her brothers have bird related nicknames to signify their affiliation with their bird-themed school clique. Despite the sibling rivalry she shares with her triplet brothers Dodo, they all appear to care very much for one another and will go to great lengths to keep each other out of harm's way. Her protection extends to keeping them both safe from their disturbed father who they've lived alone with since their mother passed away during childbirth. All three siblings play in a metal band with their sister as the lead singer and guitarist. Ian plays the keys and provides all sound boarding for their band, while Lan plays the bass guitar. She herself is a singer and the guitarist. However, before their band could take off, the family went bankrupt and their band has suffered tremendously.[1][2]


Robin is a freckly teenage girl with long curly red hair overlapping an under layer of dreadlocks, with clip-in purple highlights sometimes braided into her hair. She has Jessica-rabbit-like purple eyeshadow and black liquid eyeliner surrounding pale green-blue eyes with gold speckles across her irises. She's usually seen wearing black fingerless gloves, a pair of silver chain bracelets with crucifix pendants dangling from each wrist, a white tattered crop top with torn-off sleeves, and a pair a denim short shorts. Under which, she wears a pair of torn purple leggings and black knee-length platform boots apparently inspired by the punk-goth scene of the mid 90's.


Robin is loud, troublemaking, and not afraid to speak her mind. Though she identifies as a girly-girl, she also tends to act like crude and like a tomboy when the situation calls for it. Her bad-girl behaviour often gets her into trouble.



  • Unlike most of the school kids, her religion is not known.
  • It became possible to contact Robin on Monday, June 30th on the tumblr ask blog. Though the blog became defunct in 2016, she can still be contacted through the official discord by directing a question at her name or at red songbird emojis.


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