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Shazey is the Sheriff's Deputy of Cardston in Pineapple Soda.
Officer Shazey


Ethnicity Danish
Residence Cardston, Alberta
Relatives [1] [2] [3]

Sheriff’s Deputy

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As observed on the Ask the characters blogs, Shazey is a very laid back and easy-going person with a kinder, more sentimental and understanding approach addressing the concerns of spectators and when dealing with public affairs.


Shazey is a considerably hefty police officer and middle-aged father donning a 1970's style chevron mustache and black aviator sunglasses. He wears his hair in a lightly feathered helmet cut indicative of the time-period and is usually seen wearing the 90's Canadian blue policeman outfit. This consists of a blue police hat and matching bullet vest, a white button-up, black utility belt, a pair of black oxford uniform shoes and black slacks. He shares his brunet hair and deep jade green eyes with his daughter.


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  • It was possible to contact Shazey on the Ask the characters official blog as of 2013, though the blog went defunct in 2016. There may currently be no way to contact him.


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