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Stringbean is a character in Pineapple Soda.


Residence Cardston, Alberta
Ethnicity African, Iranian
Relatives [1]

High school student

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Shantel Maurice Moreno, Shantel, Shanty, BeanBean, or Stringbean is an ordinary teen girl who attends Avestan High. With both of her parents deceased, she now lives with her grandfather. She is a practicing Wiccan, alongside Eclair who is her closest friend. Stringbean has a very thick Persian accent and even Eclair has trouble understanding her at times. She loves parties and can be very flirtatious. These traits would earn her a spot at the popular girl's table in the cafeteria at school if not for her clumsy and at times dorky disposition. Inevitably, Stringbean ends up as one of the kids who get bullied by the Birds.[1][2]


Stringbean is a tall skinny teen girl with long straight brown hair that is typically pulled behind one ear or hanging down over her shoulders. Her most notable feature is the striking green eyeshadow she wears with a vivid blue liner. Her eyes are often seen as dark gray or silver. She sometimes is illustrated with large gold hoop earrings and a green crop top topped with a short chain necklace. Her leg length is exaggerated by a pair of skinny jeans and high heeled calf-length boots. Stringbean's illustrations also typically show what appears to be a minor cleft* in her upper lip though it is not clear if this is intentional.


Stringbean is a very silly and lighthearted individual who can be very gushy and prone to overwhelming bursts of excitement and energy.[2][1]


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  • Robin is her classmate and bully.
  • Eclair is her classmate and best friend.


  • It was made possible to contact Stringbean on June 15, 2014 on the tumblr ask blog. Though the tumblr page went defunct in 2016, she can still be contacted through the official discord by directing a question at her name or a bean stalk emoji.


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