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Sugar is a character in Pineapple Soda.


Ethnicity French, Armenian
Residence Mirror world
Relatives [1] [2] [3]

Syndicate prostitute

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Lauta Deva, Lauta, or Sugar, is a prostitute belonging to the Canadian branch of the Syndicate. Sugar is also completely mute which alienates her further from society. She follows the strict rules of the brothel and only wears clothes designed by Lemon's mother, a fashion designer. Her pimp, Loquat, is one of her closest friends, alongside Lemon.[1][2]


Sugar is seen with very short hair at times, and very long hair in her other appearances. It is not clear if her hair is in some way pinned up, gets cut at some point in the series, or if she sometimes wears extensions. Both hairstyles are jet black, though her shorter hair is much curlier and in a Clara Bow* hairstyle. The other is in a half-down, half-up high ponytail that falls over her shoulders. She is usually seen wearing a red and black lace corset, a black fur-trim jacket, a bright red pleated miniskirt and stiletto heeled black boots that also have a fur trim. She is also sometimes seen wearing stockings and garters. The most consistent part of her outfit is a choker featuring many Christian crosses and a large, red, heart shaped pendant. This is accompanied by a pair of matching earrings. Her most striking feature is her large crystal blue eyes which are lined and shadowed in black.


Sugar can be playful or coy but often acts very elegant and proper. Almost doll-like. As her name implies, she's been described by those closest to her as being very sweet. She can be shy and meek at times which is made worse by her mutism.


  • Loquat is her friend and pimp in the Syndicate.[1]
  • Lemon is her friend and fellow prostitute in the Syndicate.[1]


  • Sugar became available to answer questions on the Pineapple Soda ask blog on July 26, 2014. Even though she is mute, she could answer questions through sign language. Though at present, there is no way to contact her through the discord and the ask blog is no longer active.


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