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Triple Bad is a Saga or alternate storyline of Smile.

Percy begins experiencing a very bizarre glitch that will alter his body to extremes never before seen. And while he's not yet sure, he's kinda liking this strange new body of his. Maybe meeting Cyane might not have been a stroke of luck after all. But he's going to need some kind of luck once this gets out of control. ..Way, way out of control.

Original release October 27th 2017
Triple Bad, like other Sagas, is an alternate storyline of Smile which follows it's own unique path but stars the same characters and obeys the same series mechanics. Sagas may affect one another indirectly, but the events of each are typically non-canon in the overarching story.


December 2016, sometime in the afternoon under the London Eye in South Bank, a 23 year old Cyane Silva is enjoying a cigarette by the River Thames. Spontaneously, he hears swiftly approaching footsteps and spins around to swing a punch at who he assumes is running up to mug him. His punch narrowly misses and the person in question turns out to be a stranger by the name of Percival Farlow. Percy claims he just wanted to bum a cigarette and did not mean to startle him. As Cyane is a member of the advanced crime Syndicate in London, he immediately begins to pick up on possible clues that Percy could in fact also be a Syndicate member, especially because of his shoddily bandaged amputation; a key marker of Syndicate newbies or those who have yet to 'earn their wings.' Cyane and Percy talk for a moment or two while sharing cigarettes before he asks Percy his name. When Percy introduces himself by a Syndicate code name, Cyane knows he's right by his assumptions. But before Cyane even finishes the thought on what division Percy belongs to - the hitmen or the whores - Percy interrupts by trying to seduce Cyane. By then the answer is clear. He's almost certainly a prostitute.


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